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COLREGS: Rules of the Road 3D

Collisions at sea are always dangerous and prevention, by strict compliance of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS) is the best measure to avoid them. Designed to learn and practice about COLREGS, the app is divided into three sections: Learning, Test and Simulation, so you can have an immersive experience aboard a ship, read, train and test all your knowledge in a didactic and funny way.

More than 10 scenarios: The 3D simulation allows you to navigate aboard a ship, where you will have to navigate using the rules in order to avoid collisions, and drive in a safer way. Get ready to navigate and experience an interaction with the ocean in a safe and controlled environment.

Our focus is on advancing, growing and evolving, always thinking about the end user experience, and to be able to offer products of quality and easy assimilation following the principle "if I listen, I forget; If I see it, I remember it; If I do and I practice it, I understand."

Available for iPad and Android, you can buy the app in the following stores:

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My Nautical School

My Nautical School is a mobile app oriented to centers and nautical schools to offer tools of excellent quality to the students in order to reinforce the contents of the nautical courses. The app is personalized with the branding of the center/school and displays information about the institution to keep students loyal, offering quality content and cutting-edge learning tools.

Students will be able to practice from anywhere and at any time contents of:

  • Rules of the road (COLREGS - Rules of the road)
  • Lights (COLREGS - Light signals)
  • Sounds (COLREGS - Acoustic signals)
  • Radio (VHF / GMDSS)

Modules contained in My Nautical School are tools of great support for instructors because allow students to deepen the knowledge given in a didactic and entertaining way.

Available for iPad and Android, you can download the app from the following stores:

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NavLights Quiz

When night falls the sea is a completely different world, which is why vessels operating from sunset to sunrise, whether anchored or sailing, must carry and display the correct lights.

Learn to identify all different types of boats and their situation with NavLights Quiz: the new application with excellent theoretical content and illustrations that will test your knowledge with a quiz of over 200 questions. 

A safe navigation depends on you: Learn easy and fun!

Available for iPad and Android you can buy the full version in the stores:

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Navigating through high traffic waters along with different types of boats, of different sizes, that develop different activities (fishing, tow, dredges, merchants, etc), with restricted visibility, whether by day or night, different acoustic signals are used, in order to identify the type of boat, its activity / situation or the next maneuvers to be performed.

Acoustic devices are installed on boats in order to alert other boats of their presence, to inform the maneuvering intentions, the direction of advance and certain special characteristics so that, according to a correct identification, the maneuvers are facilitated tending to avoid collisions.

Learn in an easy and fun way everything related to the signal sounds of RIPA.

Available for iPad and Android you can buy the full version in the stores:

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VHF Trainer

VHF Trainer is a new application with theoretical and practical material excellently illustrated and exemplified, a Trivia section with over 200 questions and a 3D simulator to learn the basics of maritime and GMDSS communications, with emphasis on VHF equipment and Digital Selective Calling. The application shows 20 scenarios about different situations that may occur in real life and the user must solve them using simulated radio equipment.

Available for iPad, Android, Windows and Mac you can try the LITE version downloading for FREE following this links:

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Or you can buy the full version from the website or following this links:

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VHF for sailors

VHF for sailors is the most comprehensive book to learn about the VHF radio, Digital Selective Calling and GMDSS.

With a great quality content and illustrations on its chapters and lessons, learning about the Global Maritime Distress System Security and radio equipment at sea was never so easy and fun!.


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