Operations Control Center

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For more detailed information about features and system requeriments of Vox Maris, download the following document: IRIS DSC Brochure.pdf

The Operations Control Center, centrally manages and monitors every Network's component: Coastal Stations, modems and antennas. The Control Center meet issues relating to the Stations configuration, remote operation, control of activities, fault detection, data synchronization, among other things:

• Provides online information about the status of each Coastal Station connected in the Network and all the hardware of communications that each Coastal Station manages

• Meet the incoming / outgoing calls, notes the action being carried out each operator of the network and generates alerts for messages that have not been answered

• Remote operation of Coastal Stations enables to manage Stations without physically radio operators present. Thus, it allows to have stations in inhospitable or less accessible areas

• Remote configuration of Coastal Stations and transmitters/receivers

• Reception / transmission using modems / antennas physically present in distant coastal stations

• Fault detection through the transmission of test calls, activating relevant alarms and offering tools for problem solving (Quality of Service)

• Defines Coverage Areas for each one of the Coastal Stations of the Network

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