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For more detailed information about features and system requeriments of Vox Maris, download the following document: IRIS DSC Brochure.pdf

Iris DSC Operator Console is an innovative Coastal Station Console that enables to receive, process and responds callings from the Digital Selective Calling service, by controlling several VHF, MF and HF devices and antennas. The Console can work as a stand alone node, or as part of an advanced Coastal Stations Network.

The Console provides the following features:

Iris DSC ensures correct reception and decoding of DSC messages.

Each message received is displayed on the screen according to the status of the message, according whether it should be answered by the station or the station should only be notified of the receipt.

Messages addressed to a station or relevant for a station will be highlighted with a color accordingly to the category. It also indicates whether the message was received correctly or was received with errors due to the medium.

In the list of messages you can access to more information of the received message, as well as export, print, and / or respond as appropriate.

Iris DSC provides tools to the radio operator to make easy and agile the creation of DSC messages to transmit. Through an assistant, the system guides the radio operator in the assembly of the DSC messages to be transmitted.

According to the category and recipient of the message, the radio operator will provide the appropriate options, ensuring the correct assembly of the message according to ITU recommendations.

  • Types of messages: Distress, Security, Urgency, Distress Relay, Routine, Acknowledgments, Position Request, Test
  • Addressees: "All ships", to a geographical region, Individuals, Groups

The system also features the assembly of message templates for future use, providing flexibility in sending frequent messages. For example: A communication in channel 9 "To all the ships."

Iris DSC provides visual and / or audible alarms for different system events that require operator attention. The visual alarms consist of a message in the screen indicating the occurrence of the event. If the operator is not facing the screen, Iris also offers the possibility to use external hardware to the alarm system, for example turning on a siren or a light when receiving a message of relevance for the station. This hardware is independent of Iris software, you can integrate it with any hardware that provides the appropriate interfaces for managing an alarm system.


  • Message reception: When receiving a message of relevance for the station and according to the configuration, the system will trigger the corresponding alarm until the message is processed by a radio operator.
  • Hardware: Upon detecting that a hardware component is not operational, Iris gives notice to the operator to take appropriate action.

Iris DSC provides GIS services, locating on a map the position of vessels that emited the DSC messages. In addition, Iris graphically distinguishes each type of message received, highlighting those that are the most urgent and those that are not yet processed by any coastal station.

In the list of messages, Iris provides rapid information of the position of the sender, indicating whether the issuer is within the working area of ​​the station or not.

GIS functionality is available only for messages that contain position information.

Iris provides historical information about all messages received and transmitted. Through the powerful combination of filters, it is possible to search using different criteria for filtering information.

The MMSI directory allows associating each registered MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity) to the corresponding name. Thus, when receiving or sending a message, along with the MMSI the associated name is displayed for quick identification of the sender or receiver, as appropriate.

Each time a MMSI is registered or updated, the data will be propagated to all the shore stations in the system. It allows having a single directory shared in every place.

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