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For more detailed information about features and system requeriments of Vox Maris, download the following document: IRIS DSC Brochure.pdf

Digital Selective Calling is vital for safeguard of human life at sea and navigational safety. For this reason, reliable DSC systems require not only communication hardware. Innovative tools like Iris DSC are necessary for DSC Authorities in order to guarantee an adequate service.

Monitoring and Configuring Hardware

Hardware components (radios, modems, antennas, transmitters/receivers) are monitored, controlled and configured by the Shore Station Operator (from the Operator Console), or remotely, through the Operations Constrol Center software.

A dashboard screen permanently shows the status of the hardware managed for each Station ( CPUs, local and remote modems, antennas). The system shows pertinent alarms when a hardware failure is detected or when a warning from the Quality Verification Service is received.

Additional Features

Other important features of Iris DSC are:

  • Defining User Profiles, with role for Console Operators, Supervisors and Technical Support
  • Audit: Logs all actions performed by users within the system, providing reports using customized filters to select the required information
  • Multi Language capability
  • Client/Server Architecture and development based on RIA (Rich Internet Application) technology give the system all the advantages of Web systems and the versability and friendliness of Desktop applications:
    • It is not necessary software installation on Client PCs. In addition, upgrades to new versions are easily performed
    • The system can be operated from any PC with Internet access, regardless of the operating system
    • Interactive applications enhancing usability and user experience and offering features that can't be obtained only using HTML
      • Drag/drop functions
      • Customizable Grids by applying filters, searchs and sorting of data
      • Validations and calculations are performed from the Client side, avoiding to send information about the Server
  • Integration with third-party hardware: Iris DSC manages the Argentinean Coastal Stations Network. However, the software can easily interact with existing hardware in Stations already installed or can be configured as a stand alone or network solution.

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