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For more detailed information about features and system requeriments of Vox Maris, download the following document: IRIS DSC Brochure.pdf

While coastal stations can work as stand alone nodes, the major benefits of Iris DSC are obtained establishing a network of shore stations. Iris DSC's advanced network features enable to shore stations to work within a highly innovative global system, controlled by a DSC Operations Control Center

Iris DSC, through this digital environment, permits that a geographically distributed system behaves as a synchronized whole, increasing the reliability and the potential of exploitation of the DSC system

• The messages enter to the System by either antenna of the network. It may be that a Coastal Station, for any reason (distance, fading, silence zone, antenna failure, etc.), doesn't receive a message directed to it. In these cases, the system detects this situation and sent digitally (through the network) the message to that Shore Station, highlighting that the message was not received by the antenna in question, but entered the system by another station.

• The messages that are relevant to a Coast Station, either because were directed to it or because were issued within its coverage area, are properly highlighted

• Any Distress Message received by the System more than once within a certain period of time, will be highlighted in the appropiate shore stations, priorizing and warning that the message has not been addressed

• It is possible to suscribe a Shore Station in order to receive messages from other Coastal Station: when a Coastal Station receives a "All Stations" message, it is distributed to suscribed Shore Stations, via Network

• An individual message addressed to a determined Coastal Station is propagated through the System and shown on the destination Shore Station, regardless that the message was not received by an own antenna or the Station itself is not suscribed to any other station

• Assigning remote modems Every modem and antenna of the System can be used from any Shore Station. Thus, a Station can remotely transmit via an antenna from another Station having a range or powerful that, otherwise, would not have

• The Quality of Service Verification module detects possibles failures from a receiver/transmitter verifying that messages transmitted by an antenna are received for antennas located within the range

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