Vox Maris - Trainee

What is Vox Maris?

It is the most modern Simulator for GMDSS training covering the standards and recommendations of the IMO, STCW '95, ITU and SOLAS and certified by the world's leading classification society Det Norske Veritas (GMDSS Simulator Class A), AMERC (UK) and maritime authorities around the world.

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For more detailed information about features and system requeriments of Vox Maris, download the following document: Vox Maris Brochure.pdf

It offers to the trainee the different communication and navigation equipment for a complete GMDSS training.

The student gets skills about the different roles that he can play as GMDSS radio operator in the real life. Thus, sometimes the student will help in a Search and Rescue operation and sometimes he will be the ship in distress. In addition, students can participate in exercises that don't involve a distress situation like sending messages about security, urgency or routine communications.

The trainee learns and practices in the simulator the same procedures required in the real life within a  highly realistic, safe, controlled and economic simulation environment.

All the simulated devices operate in real time, simultaneously and independently from each other: communications, audible and visual alarms, message reception, etc. may occur simultaneously in different equipment as it is in real life.


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