The name Advenio is a Latin word meaning to reach. That is why we value reaching our goals with firmness, enthusiasm, perseverance and patience. With each goal set, we commit ourselves to reach it with dedication and perseverance.

With more than 20 years of experience, we develop quality products certified by renowned companies and comply with rigorous standards. We use agile methodologies to involve our clients in the development process and guarantee the expected results in a timely manner.

  • Integral solutions that meet 100% of the client’s requirements and needs.
  • Design of simple and productive interfaces that facilitate the operation and user experiences.
  • Development of products that meet high technical-functional and quality standards, certified by DNV-GL and ISO.
  • Transformation of industries with disruptive technology, creating added value throughout the software life cycle.
  • More than 300 customers in the 5 continents who trust our products and services.

In matters of maritime safety, the industry sets high standards to ensure the protection of human life, property and the environment in all areas related to maritime activity, from shipbuilding to training and maritime services. In this sense, Advenio Software seeks excellence in its products and services, having certified Vox Maris before DNV-GL (Norway), with the maximum qualification as GMDSS Class A Simulator, as well as before AMERC (United Kingdom) and maritime authorities worldwide.

We serve the needs of our customers, either directly or through carefully selected distributors who add value to our products and services. If you would like to contact an authorized distributor in your country or become one, please write to us at


Our team of founders and managing partners, composed of Juan Pablo Gerbi, Alejandro Casagrande and Luis Buffoni, together with our expert medical internist, Diego Martin Pinna, lead a highly trained and committed staff in the constant improvement of our value proposition to our products, providing a better quality of design focused on user experience.

We apply techniques that allow us to understand the current situation and baseline, prioritize concrete and actionable improvement actions, and elaborate solution hypotheses that we validate with real users.


To achieve our goals, we are looking for talented people who want to grow personally and professionally by working in a collaborative, enthusiastic, creative and committed environment.
If you share our values and goals, send us your CV to and we will contact you.

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