“Medere is the technological solution for the integrated management of healthcare institutions. Focused on the patient, on the quality of their care and on their safety.”

Based on web technology, it provides answers to all the actors involved in healthcare: patients, healthcare professionals, administrative staff and management.
A single record of information serves all stakeholders in the same, achieving greater efficiency and optimization.

The Medere system is articulated by means of modules that are integrated, being able to cover and support all the activities that are carried out for the medical care of patients, the administration and management of institutions and health systems, through the patient’s medical history.

At the same time, the system has tools that make it possible to maintain remote care, when the patients’ illnesses allow it (electronic prescription and teleconsultation), guaranteeing the security of the data provided.

At the same time that processes are standardized, operating costs are reduced and profitability is increased, with a high degree of care and administrative efficiency.

  • Request and prescription of Electronic Prescription
  • Sending prescriptions by e-mail.
  • Patient Portal
  • Computerized Clinical History
  • Personalized schedule of appointments
  • Telemedicine (integrated video call).
  • Medical prescription templates.
  • Agreements. Cash management. Electronic Invoice
  • Service Agenda
  • Multiprofessional
  • Interconsultations
  • Admission
  • Operating Room
  • Nursing
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