VHF Trainer

“Get trained and test your knowledge about GMDSS, VHF communications and Digital Selective Calling.”

VHF Trainer is an application with illustrated and exemplified theoretical and practical material, it has a Trivia section with more than 200 questions to test the acquired knowledge and a 3D simulator to learn the basic concepts of maritime communications and GMDSS, with emphasis on VHF equipment and Digital Selective Calling. The application shows 20 scenarios of different situations that may occur in real life and that the user must solve using the simulated radio equipment. 

An excellent tool to practice and test the knowledge that will make a safer navigation available for tablets and computers (IPad, Android, Windows and Mac) you can download for FREE its LITE version.

VHF Trainer is an application with theoretical and practical material illustrated and exemplified, has a Trivia section with over 200 questions for boaters is the book to learn about VHF radio, Digital Selective Calling and GMDSS (GMDSS in English).

The chapters and lessons have quality content and illustrations that will allow you to learn in an easy and attractive way all about the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System and radio communications equipment at sea.

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