“Digital Selective Calling (DSC) Shore Station Management Software”.

The Iris DSC system is a digital network that connects all shore stations with Digital Selective Calling service in a country or region, providing a secure and reliable solution for the authorities in charge. Digital Selective Calling, also known as DSC or DSCL, is a critical component of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) that allows the transmission of digitally encoded messages instead of verbal communication. This online system allows instant, in distress situations, selective calling to ship or shore stations, as well as automatic transmission of distress alerts, pinpointing the location of the ship in distress to facilitate rapid search and rescue efforts.

  • In compliance with IMO GMDSS regulations.
  • Scalable system, allowing configuration from simple radio stations to national GMDSS systems covering an entire region or country
  • Complete DSC / Radiotelephony integration on VHF, MF and HF
  • Centralized management and supervision of all system resources
  • Reception / transmission of DSC messages in compliance with ITU Recommendations M.493 and M.541
  • Remote configuration and operation of Shore Stations and Radio Coordination Centers network
  • Vessel / Station identification thanks to a shared MMSI Directory
  • Quality of Service verification allowing detection of faults and activation of relevant alarms
  • Allows configuring “Coverage Areas” for each Station and locating / displaying on a map the vessels transmitting DSC messages
  • Multi-language support

The DSC Operations Control Center centrally manages and monitors all shore stations in the network. The Control Center addresses issues related to station configuration, remote operation, action control, fault detection, data synchronization, making it possible to remotely service and operate shore stations, remotely configure shore station transmitter/receiver equipment and receive/transmit messages using physically remote modems/antennas.

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